Oriental Leather


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Under a patchouli star

Memo Paris is happy to bring together two artists to unfold even more the imagination of Oriental Leather in an illustrated book:

The author: Thomas Clerc is a writer. After Maurice Sachs le désœuvré in 2005 with Éditions Allia, his four other books were published by Gallimard in the L’Arbalète collection. From short stories to constrained texts, he explores all forms of writing. Poeasy, a collection of 751 free verse poems, won the Paul Verlaine Prize in 2018. He is also a performance artist and columnist for the daily newspaper Libération.

The illustrator: Sophie de Bayser is a painter and illustrator who studied art history at the Sorbonne (Paris) and visual arts at ERG (Brussels). Her pastels, watercolours and vividly hued drawings are like snapshots of dreamy and enigmatic scenes. She is also an active contributor to Éditions LeMégot, which specialises in publications by artists.


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This book is written in French and English

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A dreamscape of reddish dunes. At nightfall, the Wahiba Sands of Oman cast a unique glow onto the sky above. The sun has swooned and the moon takes the form of a crescent in homage to the khanjar, the emblem of the sultanate. It shines just as bright as this small sword, slipped into the leather belt of men who wear the traditional costume. The heavenly canopy lights up the path to Wadi Shab, a lush paradise, bursting forth like patchouli. A majestic Orient meets the eyes. Oriental Leather bears its secrets and whispers them to Orion, whose constellation hangs in the night like a charm on a belt. Amber and leather notes reveal themselves in full daylight, when the world stirs back into motion in the Mutrah souq, amidst wafting scents of lavender, cinnamon and benzoin.

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