Our emblematic animals are carried by a fragrant dream through Paris...

The Call of Leather

Follow the animals of each Cuirs Nomades perfumes around Paris and discover their fragrant story. A tale written by Jean d'Amérique and illustrated by Alain Bouldouyre.

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Memo Paris is committed to surrounding itself with artists

Alain Bouldouyre, our accomplice, created the identity of this fragrant encounters.

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That of a twirling tango

With Argentina, Memo plunges into the heart of a territory, a country, to the rhythm of a dance, a passionate impulse. Argentina is embraced in its entirety, carried away in a single movement. A dance of mixing, of travel, and on the dance floor, corolla shapes appear. Like a rose, emblematic of perfume, queen of flowers and symbol of ardent love. A floral aromatic with a sweet and warm back, wraps you in elegant and delicate way, where rose and oud meet to a tango dance.


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Journey book with 7 samples - Discovery set | Memo ParisJourney book with 7 samples - Discovery set | Memo Paris

Journey book with 7 samples

Discovery set

African LeatherAfrican Leather - Eau de Parfum | Memo Paris

African Leather

Eau de Parfum

From £230.00
Marfa - Eau de Parfum | Memo ParisMarfa


Eau de Parfum

From £230.00
Sintra - Eau de Parfum | Memo ParisSintra


Eau de Parfum


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Maël Nozahic

Maël Nozahic

Born in 1985, she lives and works between her studio in Paris and Fouesnant, in Brittany. She studied at the École Européenne Supérieure d'Art de B...

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Guillaume Brack

Guillaume Brack

Born in 1984 in Nyon, Guillaume graduated in 2008 with a graphic arts degree from the ERACOM School of Art and Communication in Lausanne, before pu...

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Ana Tortos

Ana Tortos

In the imaginary world of director and illustrator Ana Tortos, animals evolve poetically in surrealist settings. Characters travel in flying books,...

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Our story

Memo imagines perfume as a journey, building its identity around magical destinations and intense raw materials, high quality natural ingredients.

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