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Why Memo is doing only Eau de parfum, instead of Eau de toilette?

Memo Paris, renowned for its evocative fragrances inspired by global exploration, has chosen to exclusively offer Eau de Parfum, setting itself apart from traditional Eau de Toilette options. This strategic decision is deeply woven into the brand's DNA, embodying luxury, authenticity, and a narrative-driven approach.

Memo Paris' core essence lies in encapsulating memories and journeys within fragrances. Eau de Parfum's higher concentration of fragrance oils provides a longer-lasting, evolving scent experience that mirrors the passage of time, aligning seamlessly with the brand's mission of immortalizing moments through scent.

The brand's commitment to authenticity and exploration finds resonance in its Eau de Parfum creations. Just as travels uncover layers of culture and beauty, our fragrances unfold intricate accords, echoing the multifaceted inspirations behind each scent. Eau de Parfum's enduring nature perfectly encapsulates this depth of storytelling.

Synonymous with luxury, Memo Paris treats fragrances as artistic masterpieces. Eau de Parfum naturally aligns with this pursuit of opulence, embodying the brand's dedication to craftsmanship and quality. Every application offers wearers a luxurious encounter, a personal journey into exclusivity.

In essence, Memo Paris' exclusive focus on Eau de Parfum underscores its commitment to crafting scents that transcend time. Through this intentional choice, Memo Paris beckons fragrance enthusiasts to partake in a lavish olfactory expedition, where each note evolves into a vessel of treasured memories.

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