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Dubai Mall - UAE

Dubai Mall - UAE

Memo Paris is honored to introduce its first boutique in Dubai and make a summer home in one of the greatest places for luxury and shopping.

To satisfy perfume lovers, this store is infused with Memo Paris spirit, an extension of Memo’s Parisian flagship, located at rue Cambon.

Memo’s core essence is the pleasure of travelling to each of its olfactive destinations, and this signature is also present in little corners: from the 5-star service concierge trolleys to the leather trunks and cases showcasing the collections. Even more exciting: Memo’s postcards table, allowing you to share your enthusiasm with friends and relatives by sending a “Memorable” postcard souvenir.

The magic of Memo Paris is realized with an exclusive “train wagon” salon, nicknamed the Memo-Express. Here, time is suspended in a scented dream. A dream that forms part of Memo’s pride, made of variations of leather accord with the Cuirs Nomades collection; a dream made of high-quality ingredients leading to a winding trail, with so many other creations. To add a final touch to the Memo olfactive trip, the body, hand & hair care lines are also displayed.

Everything is present for you to live a precious moment and take the time to enjoy each composition as a landscape. Looking around, the wallpaper guides you into the Memo world. Places are named after fragrances and collections; monuments and patterns are the ones that adorn each bottle. On the screens, movies composed specially by artists for each new Eau de parfum, allows you to immerse fully in each of these unique places.

Memo Paris’ service is at its best at the completion of this experience. Perfume boxes are elegantly wrapped in furoshiki to keep this delicate Memo souvenir in a soft and sustainable piece of cotton. It’s time to enter.

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