Christmas card

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Celebrate the World

For this Christmas, Memo celebrates the world on a tour of its fragrances and the landscapes they explore. A joyous panorama of year's end celebrations and festive moments around the world, on every continent, from France to Ireland, Norway to Russia, Argentina to the USA.

Memo has always been curious about discovering and celebrating the rich cultural diversity in the world and that is why, this year, we're marking all these traditions that bring families together. From Saint Lucia in Italy to the Irish "Christmas Swim", from fireworks in Argentina to the famous French Yule log cake, not to mention the iconic Ded Moroz, or "Grandfather Frost", in Russia. Here's to an international celebration open to cultures all around the world!


The pleasure of giving is even more intense as your gifts open onto a world of fragrant treasures. For you and for them. Wrapped in a sustainable cotton bag adorned with Memo’s flacons, discover the world of Memo Paris, and be ready to be taken on an olfactory journey.

Art of Gifting


Ode to the natural

A rare freedom

The most beautiful landscapes deserve the most beautiful natural ingredients. This is why Memo fragrances allow themselves to do anything: no limitations in the choice or in the quality of the desired ingredients. The perfumer has a rare freedom to express his creativity, which allows him to create unique compositions with character. Reflecting the destinations that inspire them.

A hint of freshness

With intensity and audacity

With Memo, it pops up through an unexpected facet, a surprising note that will give the perfume a particular dynamic. The Eau de Memo, as the collection Graines vagabondes are emblematic of this willingness to express freshness in a perfume in a new way. With intensity and audacity.

The wake of time

The skin memorizes them

A vintage twist also characterizes Memo fragrances. It is reflected in the Nomadic Leathers collection, born as a subtle nod to the antique leather cases and luggage that recall the art of travel of yesteryear, and that now distinguishes the Memo universe. To give a perfume the strength of a memory, you have to allow it to blossom over time; Memo compositions evolve beautifully on the skin and offer long-lasting hold. The skin memorizes them.

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